DiSC is your personal assessment tool designed to help you understand how you operate in the world.

When you identify your communication style and connect with others based on how they interact, you’ll appear confident, capable and credible; essential keys for leadership.

DiSC is a Simple, Practical, Memorable Assessment to Anticipate How You Communicate

DiSC focuses on how you tend to communicate with others. Using scales on how "direct" and "open" you are, your tendency to communicate a certain way are based on four styles: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S) and Conscientious (C).

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DiSC Behavior Styles

Historical and contemporary research reveal more than a dozen various models of our behavioral differences, but many share one common thread: the grouping of behavior into four basic categories. There is no “best” style. Each style has its unique strengths and opportunities for continuing improvement and growth. With DiSC, you'll become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, while learning how to interact with those around you in a way they can relate. You will be able to communicate in a way that motivates your peers, employees and supervisors.

What’s Included in Our Assessments

Our DiSC Assessments are comprehensive reports divided into 3 sections that 1- describes the DISC model, 2 - help you understand your own style, and 3 - identifying ways that you can apply your style strengths or modify your style weaknesses in order to communicate to others in a way that others may best receive information.

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This is our basic assessment and an excellent starter assessment. Learn what natural habits influence your behavior. You will be aware of your natural strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus and develop your strengths while modifying your weaknesses. Only $69.

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DiSC and Motivators

This combined assessment provides enhanced awareness of your behavior. With this assessment, you’ll learn how you communicate and what motivates your behavior. You’ll be able to align your actions with your values. Gain insight on how you respond to conflicts and solve problems.

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Leadership and Motivators

This assessment focuses on your style and what motivates you as a leader. You will learn how to adapt your behavior to optimize your employees work style. Learn how to interact with others based on others’ communication needs.

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What To Expect When You Take Our Assessments

In a global marketplace of diverse cultures, collaboration is a necessity. The assessments we offer are designed to not only offer insight on your behavior style, but also give you solutions on how to recognize the communication styles of those around you. We set you up for success!

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You Can Expect Results!

Become More Confident |  Be able to Troubleshoot Conflict | Increased Self-Awareness |  Greater Understanding of Other's Behavioral Needs |  Have Productive Conversations | Greater Team Cooperation

Frequently Asked Questions

DISC measures our underlying emotions, needs and fears and the primary concerns that drive all behavior. Through self-selection, you choose the words that are most like you and the words that are least like you. Through those responses, the tool reveals your behavioral style.
There are no "best" nor "right" nor "wrong" styles. All styles have unique strengths and challenges.
DISC shares information about our favorite topic – us! It is also a quick and easy assessment; the model is easy to recall, non-threatening, and makes authentic sharing easy.
The DISC assessment can be tricked, but it’s not that easy! It is not always obvious what the answer “should” be (most and least is the basis, not a scale, and the algorithm is based on both). There are also some answers that are specifically validity answers to ensure integrity.
DISC has high statistical accuracy, validity, reliability through studies over many years. The best measure of validity is YOU – does it represent how others see you behaving at least 80+% of the time? If there is inaccuracy, it is typically caused by human errors– time, focus, objectivity. If you think too much, take too long, focus on more than one area or try to trick the instrument, the results could be inaccurate. It’s best to do it quickly, without too much analyzing, and go with your natural response or gut feeling.
Yes, it provides a snapshot of who you are in your adapted styles at the time you took the assessment, depending on the role you had in mind. Keep focused on a single role.
Do you have the same attitudes, beliefs and values? Are you living the same life? DISC is a snapshot of how you see yourself in the activity, focus, and environment which you are answering. As you think, so you are. Behavior is always affected by the decisions you are making or may not make, and you can choose to change. However, your natural tendencies may be more consistent.
MBTI is more complicated for the average person, and DISC is more intuitive to read and understand. With DISC, a coach isn’t necessary to explain – it’s only 4 styles that are very simple and practical. MBTI is 16 combinations of 4 different letters. MBTI is also a psychological assessment, DISC is needs-based, observable behavior and emotion. DISC is self-assessment, and MBTI is evaluated by another party.
Depending on your goals, we have a variety of options for you to consider as a next step. We offer additional assessments that will help you build your self-awareness, and reveal different parts of who you are and what drives you. You may also consider taking our Proactive Strategy Success System program. Our program is a coaching and training plan designed to help you get clear on your career path and create a strategy to reach your career goals. We offer a group program or if you prefer a more personal approach, we would be happy to customize your career plan.

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